The Poet

Where I Belong

It’s like my heart takes a break from trying to feel pain
And let’s my mind lead the way
I ride the wave day to day
Trying to find my escape
A constant fight between wrong and right
trying to keep me where I lie
But there’s no doubt in my mind it’s my time to shine
Like a star in the desert sky
Slipping away from the world diving into a pit of myself
Where I’ll end up I still don’t know
But I trust it’s where I belong
Booby’s World

Dreams by Daniel Gibson

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We don’t have to run…
We don’t have to walk…
We can just chill
Until you feel you want to talk…
No rush
This is a goal of mine
& a Love like this takes some time.
We can take little steps
We can Slow it down
Baby We have a lifetime left to climb.

Booby’s World